Are you a successful professional who needs to step onstage to deliver a presentation in a high-stakes situation? Are you an actor who just booked a big deal audition?

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for; working for. You think maybe you’ve got it. But deep inside, you’re not sure you’re ready.

  • You’re not really sure about your content or your material.

  • You’re afraid your nerves are going to get in your way.

  • You don’t know how to keep your audience engaged.

  • You want to have great impact.

You wish there was someone who look at your work and give you expert guidance when you need it. You know you’d benefit from the help of a pair of expert outside eyes giving you feedback.

You’ve come to the right place.

Meryl Shaw Coaching

Meryl Shaw: Own Your Story

I work with actors and speakers to hone their performance so they can shine in the spotlight and deliver their work with power and authenticity in high-stakes situations. The bottom line for both speakers and actors is to connect to your heart, develop your unique, authentic voice, and stay in the moment when you’re onstage.

Actors: Please visit my Services for Actors page to learn more about working with me and to access my FREE Audition Tips videos.

Presenters, you can receive:

  • Help in editing and shaping your content for maximum clarity, power, and impact

  • Feedback and guidance about your delivery

  • Clear steps to improve your performance

  • Rehearsal time with helpful notes afterward

  • Training in techniques of speech in order to be heard clearly and to impress an audience

  • Preparation tips to warm up your voice and body

  • Exercises to calm your nerves and increase your confidence

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